Monday, March 12, 2012

Hungry for some Hunger Games

This is the first book I have EVER read that's written in first person. I try to veer off from such writing ever since the epic fail I have unfortunately come across before. I know its quite shallow of me to have done this in the first place. Not giving other books a chance just because of the way it was written. I am glad that I gave "The Hunger Games" a try. I have to admit, I have been very very curious about this story before. I came across copies upon copies of the trilogy whenever I drop by the bookstore but I paid them no thorough attention. Just a passing glance and then I'd move on. I was rather skeptical when it comes to books that are being too hyped upon. I think most have become over rated than what its really worth.

But "The Hunger Games Trilogy" has proven to be quite a good read, with the promise of a more action packed and substance heavy follow up after each installment.

I rarely read books that has female protagonists as the focus of the story. But Katniss is a character that you'd actually grow to admire. Collins's portrayal of Katniss was made in a way that is relatable and believable. Her reactions, her emotions aren't as far fetched and questionable.

I do think that it being written based on Katniss's own perspective is were the strength of this story lies all in all. The emotions running through her mind and her heart is something that seemed almost tangible as you read through the lines detailing her thoughts and her feelings. It gives you that connection that is somewhat hard to convey when you write in the 2nd or 3rd person. It would've been  rather painful to read through with dozens of ' she ran, she kissed, she thought. . .' and all that blah jammed in there. 

The concept isn't the most original. But amongst all the books you'd see on shelves nowadays, what is? The attack given by the authors is what differs for each story. That's what distinguishes it against others. 

As for Gale and Peeta. . . I'm all for the Peeta X Katniss team up but personality wise I do believe that Gale has given me a much stronger impression. By how he was described in the book, he is more like a male version of Katniss. Fierce. While Peeta, although a loveable character by how he fought to protect Katniss, is a character who could've had a much bigger boost in the personality department. He did come off as a wimp some of the time.

The only negative, was how the game has ended with the appearance of those muttations on book 1? It didn't really make that much sense to me. It was all about the survival isn't it? Then it would've been better if they just hacked each other off and one or two ending up as victors? It felt rather anti climactic because of that. . .

In my opinion,  the first book has made a rather solid ground for the installments that would follow this one. My most favorite most definitely is 'Catching Fire'.

Sidenote: Is it just my copy or did it slip past their notice that the 'S' in Collins name in Mockingjay is missing?


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