Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I am, as of this day, officially swamped. Things to do. So little time. There's my pending exam for acquiring a license abroad. But that is yet to happen since I haven't had my credentials assessed yet. I don't know which frazzles me more; the prospect that I may not be qualified to take the test or the fact that I may be qualified. How fickle is that. . .

And judging by the sheer amount of things that must be done with regards to the manuscript I am writing at the moment, the workload might double if not triple in the forthcoming days. Four notebooks, full of research material and story plans. Lately, I am being bombarded by too many plot heads that I could barely keep up. I already filled up a good portion of my notebook with a hefty amount of plots to last me a lifetime in writing. 

But seaming together the actual storyline is a big pain in the butt! My mom told me that I am too much of a perfectionist when it comes to writing. And I guess I could agree with her on that matter. I delete more than what I write. 

I intend to focus on doing some intense self review in preparation for my NCLEX (if I do qualify for the test). I loathe the fact that I could end up like a fish out of water since it's been a while since I last held a medical textbook. I've been too happy to finally be able to freely steer away from such books. They kill my neurons. Bleh!

Hopefully, I could also FINALLY finish my story. I think that I have procrastinated too much on that. And it desperately needs to be written and finished. 

So, I may or may not be as active in my blogging in a while. But we'll see. Considering that I practically live in front of the computer. LOL!


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