Sunday, September 30, 2012


If you've been INSPIRED by my obvious splurging in Taobao, and has decided to venture that world here are some nifty lessons learned during the short span of time I've spent lurking around Taobao (Camping on the site 24/7??? :P). Do note that these are based on my own views and opinions only as a buyer. 

Always have a clear "GOAL" in mind. It's best to be prepared especially when its your first Taobao purchase. The variety of things that you'd find in Taobao are, to put it simply, MASSIVE! You could easily get overwhelmed if you browse and browse and you may just end up purchasing everything you set your eyes on.

It is best to have a list of the things that you are looking for and you can start your search from there. Its ideal that the keywords that you are going to type in that search box is in Chinese. You'd have more options displayed for you that way. You can simply use the microsoft translator to have those words translated for you in a jiffy. Also there are loads of instant word translators available in the web. They are great help.

CANVAS! Before you hit that order button, you may want to take a look at other shops selling the same items. You may find yourself able to stretch your buck on other sites than the previous one you're on. (e.g. cheaper local China Shipping = additional funds for items that you'd like to buy. . . .), also you might find all the items that you like in one particular shop. Its a possibility. Getting majority of your items in one shop is a huge opportunity to save on money.

Skeptical on making a purchase. . .  well considering that you are making your purchase online, the best bar for quality and service reassurance that you can find is the store rating. 
 sample rating box
Also, usually there are customer feedbacks on the item itself. Just have those translated in your good old buddy, microsoft translator or whatever translating software you have with you.

If you have your Taobao agent, mine of course is the awesome Taobao Manila, you could always ask them for assistance. And that's what's awesome about Taobao Manila because they are very helpful. And they just launched their new official website which you could access here: TAOBAO MANILA

It is very easy to navigate the site. Also, there are very helpful sections that you can find, especially to the newbies. There are some tutorials and guidelines posted which you'd find very, very helpful in navigating your way around Taobao. 

My tips about having agents:

When you have an agent, always remember to maintain a GOOD LINE OF COMMUNICATION. Never demand. Remember that the agents are human beings too. If you are busy then they also are. If not, busier. Because imagine all the mails that they have to answer from all those people who are also utilizing their shopping services. Should there be any delays, never bombard them with demands that they should reply to you, because seriously its just plain annoying. You may check in on them once or twice, but to send a barrage of mails without so much as a day gap in between is a little too excessive don't you think. If you can't trust people to do the purchases for you then spare yourself the headache and don't order at all.

Besides, if the lack of response hasn't been for weeks long then it could be nothing more than delays due to the heavy workload.With the huge influx of orders, delays are inevitable. I am sure that they try to be as prompt as possible with everyone, to the best of their abilities. So, no need to be such a worry wart. Anyway they give notices whenever they run in on some unexpected bumps.

With my Taobao Agent, the most exciting part for me whenever I am making a purchase is when they post pictures on their Completed Orders album once the items have arrived in their office. It has a dual purpose for me: first as an assurance on the items and second is its something that could feel really really excited about.

Alright. . . so that ends a semi long blog post. Hope you find those tips useful. Ciao Bellas! And Happy Taobao Shopping!!!

NOTE: I am by no means affiliated with Taobao Manila. This review was not sponsored nor paid for so what's written are my own honest views and opinions.


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