Friday, December 7, 2012

Bench/ Haul DEC

Top to Bottom: Bratsplash Giftset Strawberry Shake: Shower Gel, Body Cream and Mesh Sponge // Bratsplash Hand Sanitizer in Raspberry Crush and Kiwi Frost // Bratsplash Strawberry Shake Hand Wash, Sweet Serendipity Hand Wash

Holiday Season is my favorite time to visit Bench/ since they have A LOT of gift sets that I could choose from. . . I seriously go googly eyed whenever I see the variety of box sets laid out in the stores. . . Bench/ is my go to store during christmas especially when I'm too lazy to think about what gifts I should buy.

But seriously, i've been purchasing bench/ products for quite a while already and I don't recall seeing these much variety in their hand washes as I did when I dropped by a couple of days ago. So far, when I checked the labels, there's no Triclosan in the ingredients list which is something that i'm quite watchful for.  Although, the sanitizers have them, but i'm not sure if the previous batches have them as well since I just recently found out about the Triclosan issues and wasn't as critical of the ingredients of sanitizers and hand washes before. 

The bratsplash line comprises of fruit scented products. As I recall they have the strawberry shake, kiwi frost, raspberry crush and green apple. The sanitizers are available all year round but i'm not sure about the handwash. I only come across other products of this line during December. I really adore the duck shaped bottle. So cute! 

And as you can see I came across a new product. And yes it is another hand wash. Sweet Serendipity. Actually as I have been saying, there are a lot more available scents in the store. I think there are lotions as well. I'm not sure if these items would be permanently available or just for the season.  The label for this is quite cute as well, with the diagonal pink and blue stripes and the metallic pink on the base of the pump is a nice touch. Kinda' reminded me of BBW's metallic looking bottle caps.

Also, I bought a couple more bottles of my signature scent, KRIS EDT. The bottles I got were the last stocks in the branch I believe. I seriously hope that they would restock soon. The last time it went out of stock, it took almost a year before they put it back in the shelves. Me and my mom were seriously panicked that I had to send e-mails about the hold up on the restock and bombard the several branches I visited on updates about the EDT.


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