Sunday, January 13, 2013

Haul Friday: Lip Love

Still thinking about new things that I could probably do for the whole year on my blog. I listed down a few things but I have yet to sort them  out properly. Anyway welcome to my first Haul Friday, a first and hopefully not the last of its kind for the year. I am planning to make this as a staple post for now. As long as I have new hauls to post that is, considering that I don't really buy myself a lot of stuff, except for, well, books and some writing materials.

I don't use make up, except for a face powder, and I hardly count that as make up anyway. I only do when its absolutely necessary. Although I just started using lipstick as of recent because my lips are naturally pale so I have to 'remedy' that one with some lip color so I wouldn't look like a ghost walking in daylight.

Got myself a new lipstick, which hopefully would fare better than the one I've been using before. And some other lip products which are mostly lip balms as you can see.

I might work on some reviews for some of the items on this loot. I'll get around to that asap. Hopefully.


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