Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Product Focus: Planners Part 2

Planners are easily available in local bookstores and there's a wide array of them that you can chose from. It's a matter of preference and of course there's the consideration about your budget. If you are strapped for cash, you'd still definitely find something in those shelves, so you don't have to worry about that. 

If this is the first time that you are gonna be using a planner, then there's always some basic stuff that you can start with. 

Question: Is it okay to have a planner even though there isn't much that I could actually write in a year? 
My idea: Planners, I think isn't just for those people who are busy and are in serious need of time management since you can actually use your planner as some sort of diary as well. You can note down important events and things you'd particularly like to remember on that specific day. 

Here are some basic planners which you can find in local bookstores (the following items are bought here in the Philippines). I personally used them before so I'm hoping that I'd be able to give a more personal input in this part of the 2 part review. 

This is actually my 3rd Joyful Moments planner. Easy, clean layout. Really cheap and highly affordable at 25. The price hasn't changed since I first I used it way back in 2011. And I still have that first one with me. LOL. . . It comes with its own plastic sleeve cover, really handy and easy to carry around. What I really like about this is the section where you can read about different scriptures from the bible. Each page even has quotations and the very last page is a list for the 20 Foundation Stones for Success. The color scheme is quite a dull shade of gray, not as expected considering the striking yellow color on the cover. I liked the color for 2012 better. Hopefully they'd mix up the colors for 2014 with more livelier shades.

Sterling 2013 Monthly Planner. Probably the most colorful amongst the line up. The pages are a continuation of the paisley, flowery theme you'd find on the cover. The colors on the background is light but it would be best to use a darker ink on the parts that has the designs in it, so your writing wouldn't get swallowed up and disappear against the backdrop. Despite the size, this probably has the most sections thus far. Things you'd usually find in those stiff hard bound planners. One the special pages that I really like and found quite helpful is the Expenses Tracker (great help especially to those budget conscious people). 

Lastly is the Hallmark 2013 Datebook. The cheapest one @ 18.50. The cover is made of glossy carton. It has a free sticker but the size would tend to occupy the whole box with little space for the actual writing. I'm quite averse to the squiggly fonts though but maybe that's just me. 

For such a cheap price, the following aren't exactly something to scoff at because for such small things, they do fulfill their purpose and help you in more ways than one. So go and head off to bookstores near you and see the planner that's best for you (lol it actually rhymed lol). . . .


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