Sunday, March 30, 2008

First Post!!!!

Argh! Finally!!! I've been trying to work my way around blogger for almost a whole day already. I thought that I'd be stuck with knowing the basics for a whole week. I've been using LJ as my primary blogging site far too long, that I have grown accustomed to how simple things work on that site. It is easy to manage, but seeing the recent onslaught of downtime errors and frequent inaccessibility it poses to users, I have decided to make a secondary site where I could post my blogs. I do have a tumblr account, yaplog and even ameba. But I rarely update those sites. Hopefully, this one wouldn't be as barren as those three.

Anyway, I did try to customize the look of my page. It is quite passable in my scale considering that it's been a while since I last did layouts.

I will be tweaking this page in the forthcoming days but for now I am content with I have done so far. Yay!


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