Saturday, January 14, 2012


I’m still stuck writing the second chapter of my ‘novel’. For some reason, I am finding it really hard to find the right mindset. The words just doesn’t come together the way I want it to. I am getting more and more frustrated. I think somewhere along the way I’ve forgotten how ‘fun’ writing really is. Because right now I only feel obliged to write something. Alas, I came to that realization after bumming myself out and watching the Nationals Arc of テニスの王子様.

Perhaps a few days of clearing my head and enough relaxation time would help me gather my muse back? I have very, very high hopes for this new story and it would be such a shame if I don’t see this one through the end.

My goal right now is to gain the right attitude about the things that I do and plan to do in the forthcoming days. And perhaps, try my best not to lose sight of it again.


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