Monday, December 19, 2011

Done! Board Exam day 2

The fatigue has finally caught up with me. . . Yesterday. .  I fell asleep while answering. . . WTH!  

Today, I think I almost passed out. . . I'm tired. . . Almost threw up while I was answering the questions in the final exam. I had a sudden migraine attack. . .  The words were spinning. .  Hell the room in itself was swimming in my eyes. . . My hands were sweating like crazy and I was afraid that my paper would get soaked and my answers would become invalid. Argh! Blasphemy!

And suddenly, a picture is taken while I was waiting for the next subject. The room is nearly empty since some of my room mates went out to grab a snack. 

Well, I am somewhat relieved that I am finally done with these exams. . . the horror. . . One less thing to worry about. . . Now, all I have to do is wait for the results. . . Bleh. . . 

We dropped by Jollibee when we left the school were I took the exam. . . Nothing like a good cup of ice cream. . . .

Trip back home. . . Ahhh. . . Ha su kashiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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