Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bisita Iglesia 2011

We went to several churches today for the Bisita Iglesia. . . I believe we visited fourteen all in all. . . 

Started the trip earlier than last year so we wouldn't have to rush and get caught up in heavy traffic. As expected the churches were crowded by thousands of people who are also observing this once a year tradition during the lenten season. 

This is one of those traditions that I find very very gratifying once accomplished. I am able to devote a whole day for spiritual stuff, with a little picture taking on the site for keeping memories and I also get to spend more time with family. 

I believe that the hardship you have to go through by jumping from church to church the whole day is not even a quarter of the amount of pain that the God has to go through for our sakes. 

I finally got a good picture of the latin inscription on the  tympanum of the Manila Cathedral. 


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