Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dear Body Shower Gel Review

I was in the mall earlier and I happen to pass by the Bath Section and spotted these bottles of what seem to be Bath and Body Works Shower Gels. But as it turns out, this products are called dear body. There's no noticeable label with regards to the brand except for the name of the company to which this product has been exclusively created for, conveniently written at the bottom part of the back label. Anyway there were 5 available scents: Carried Away, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Sweet Pea, Twilight Woods and Black Vanilla (not sure with the name of this last scent). And I decided to get 3 bottles of twilight woods, although the photo only shows two lol. Each bottle is priced at 149php that's roughly $3.64, which is actually pretty cheap. 

Well if you're a fan of BBW or is just familiar with their products, I assume you also noticed the undeniable resemblance in the name of the scents. And while I was browsing through BBW I just stumbled upon the scent description for Forever Sunshine and realized that the scent for the product that I am reviewing on is entirely too reminiscent of FS from BBW. So yeah I am really confused right now. I guess I'll compare this one with the one I ordered from BBW's online site, but unfortunately it'd be a few more weeks before I could get those from the mail since I had it purchased through a US shopping service. The packagings are pretty much the same but I'm not sure if this one is the old face of Twilight Woods since the last time I checked the BBW site, their TW looks different. As for the Carried Away and all the other scents available they look the same with what is available in BBW right now. Also one thing I've noticed with the ones available in the store are the bottle caps. These ones have white plastic caps while judging from the BBW site theirs are more metallic looking with the BBW name on it. 

If anyone has any thoughts on this, don't hesitate to give me your opinions. :)

Here's the label at the back of the bottle. Pardon the shiny blob, I took the photo with flash so yeah. I am actually new with this kind of scent since I am more of a vanilla person. This one has a hint of sweetness in it, but more of a fruity kind of sweet. I think that the predominant scent here comes from the apricot. When it dries out, the smell kind of turns powdery for me, like that fresh out of the bath kind of smell. Definitely a nice scent to wear during the hot summery days.

The consistency is syrup thick; a little hard to lather and doesn't make that much of a bubble, since I am a huge fan of bubbly stuffs. A little difficult to wash off as well. 

Not sure about the soften your skin part, since I don't feel any difference pre and post use. 

Anyway I'm guessing that i'll give this one a 3.5 out of 5 stars since it did leave my skin fragrant.


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