Wednesday, November 21, 2012

TAOBAO Haul#8: November

I am actually quite amazed at how time seem to have flown by just like that. . . Only a few more days before December and a few more weeks before Christmas. Hmmm not really sure if I am excited considering that the past few weeks have been rather monotonous for me. Hoping that new and exciting things would come next month. Not really expecting presents since I rarely get one, considering the small amount of friends I have. And they haven't been exactly visible during the past few months as well. So yeah. . . boring, boring life for me.

Well enough about that. . . I just can't believe that this is my 8th Taobao Haul already. I didn't imagine that I'd actually be ordering so much when I started. So far I haven't missed any of the ETA's except for the second one this month because I lamely decided to just push my supposed orders for the last week of this month over to the DEC ETA. Darn, the last package would've been my 10th haul. Oh well. . . .

This is a  relatively small haul. . . Just a bunch of squishy food simulation pieces. I got myself some as well lol . . . And lookie at what's on top of the pile. . . What's that blue thing in there? Hmmmm. . . . 

Its the new Taobao Manila Eco Bag given as a freebie for their purchasers .


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