Friday, December 14, 2012

Unboxed: Bath and Body Works Haul

I just received my Bath and Body Works haul c/o House of Flair. This is my second of batch of pre ordered items from the US. This ain't as huge as the one I got last Wednesday considering that this package is solely BBW. 

So here's a shot of what I got for this batch:

The package contains:
[from back row left side] Forever Sunshine Fine Fragrance Mist // Dreamy Vanilla Woods Fine Fragrance Mist // Sweet on Paris Fine Fragrance Mist // Brown Sugar and Fig Body Splash // Enchanted Orchid Fragrance Mist // Sweet on Paris Shower Gel // Sweet on Paris Body Lotion

I am currently working on reviews for some of the items that I got on both hauls. Not sure though when I am gonna be posting those since it's still mayhem in my body mist closet. But do watch out for it. 

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