Thursday, December 27, 2012

TAOBAO Haul #9: December

And so here it is folks, my last Taobao loot for the year. Wow, one more haul to go and I could have closed off the purchases at 10 boxes for the year. This package definitely lifted my spirits after suffering such a dreary day. *sigh*

Anyway here's a quick look at my purchases for this batch:
I have been lurking around Ardium Planner's for a while now but I didn't get the chance to buy one for myself last year. Ardium is  a Korean brand with products ranging from phone cases, pouches and of course their nifty looking planners. The price of course depends on the style of the planner, but the cheapest goes around 8,250 based on one store I visited while I was scouring through shops in GMARKET.  And it is actually not a bad deal considering that their planners are of pretty good quality. I was really stoked to find Ardium planners in Taobao, although I'm not sure if there's an issue with it being a fake or not. But the one's I got didn't have the extras, the deco stickers and the like, which I think was supposed to be included as a bundle with the planner. 

And that's it for now folks. . . . Hope you have  a happy holiday everyone! Cheers!


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