Sunday, September 15, 2013

Shopping 101: @ a Book Fair

Here's another Shopping Tips and Tricks Guide I've made based on some experiences I've had during the Book Fairs I went to. I've only been to two so far but I learned quite a lot from them.

1. Have patience.

2. One golden rule everytime you go on sales, ALWAYS list the items you'd like to get.  Saves time and effort.

3. Do some research. Before charging in better have an idea on the layout of the place. Check if there are maps available. Have a plan of attack. As much as possible be organized so you wouldn't have to waste time running around looking for booths.

4. Bring cash and leave the card. For Book junkies, book fairs are a place full of temptations. So if you don't want to end up on a swiping spree then better have cash instead. 

5. Get what you need first. If you have money left to spend then see if you have something else you'd like to buy just for the heck of it.

6. Be a trooper and learn how to dig through the mosh pit of discounted books. There might be some treasure just waiting to be unearthened in there.

7. Take advantage of the sales and discounts. Go with family and friends, pool the purchases so you can get those awesome freebies. Some stores offer free items for a certain worth of items.

8. Come early so you can sift through the available titles before all the good ones are already gone. As much as possible don't go on a weekend. If you hate crowds and long lines then go on the 'alanganin' days. 

9. Have an eco bag or whatever bag ready were you could put your purchases together so you don't have to lug around a ton plastics or bags. Or better yet if you don't want to carry them around then if there is an available package counter, just leave your purchases there for the meantime.

10. Go with a full stomach so you'd have the energy to roam around. All that walking, snooping around, squeezing through crowds and falling in loooooong lines are bound to make you hungry in one way or another.

11.  Know the events that are going to be happening during the fair.

12. ENJOY!


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