Saturday, September 14, 2013

Spot on: 34th Manila International Book Fair (Day 4)

Went back again. Just couldn't help myself. Managed to take a few more photos. The fair was packed with people. Probably because its the weekend and there are other functions going around in the Convention Center as well. 

Anvil's Booth have awesome price slashes like 20% and the jawdropping 80% discount which sounds totally insane right? It's a real book sale, UK-UK style. You just have to dig through the pile load of stuff in there and you're sure to find something to take home with you. Carted home bags load of stuff *blushes*.

Dropped by Heartshapers again to buy some more DVD's. Yes people I'm a DVD and Book junkie. Hahaha. . . Still some VCD bargains at 100 php and 75 php and DVD's at 200 php. Also managed to find time to drop by ADARNA's booth. OMG! I seriously love how colorful their booth is. And the staff are really nice. I purchased 2 books, a shirt and an adorable Pilandok Plushie!


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