Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Today is Ash Wednesday, a mark of the incoming lenten season. 

I haven't really gone to church during the past Ash Wednesdays, considering that I have classes and clinical duties so there is big conflict in schedule. But since I attended a catholic school, we celebrate Ash Wednesdays and have masses at the chapel where we are being given the ash marks on our foreheads should we choose to have them placed upon ourselves.  The ashes are by no means an obligatory thing but rather voluntary.

Seeing the mass of people, I was worried that it would be difficult to have ashes printed on my forehead. But there were many people from the church who were giving the marks, scattered across the church grounds. And we didn't have to wait in line for too long. And standing in line could be quite unbearable given the current weather. many people have already suffered from heat stroke because of the intense heat.

There were also vans from several local news programs parked at the sides and was busy taking coverage of this days events. 

It's good to know that many people are still observing the age old traditions especially during lenten season.


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