Monday, February 27, 2012


Registration DONE!. . . I was expecting a much longer processing time but I think that the way that things were managed today by PRC was pretty good. The personnel are open to assisting the new registrants on what to do. When the lines at the cashier were starting to drag, they were kind enough to allow us to pay at other cashiers and return to the auditorium after payment to finish the process. Also, there weren't that much people yet when I've arrived so perhaps that also helped? Anyway, one good tip when you are applying/registering for something, it is best to come very, very early to avoid long lines and secure a good spot at the front of the queue should there ever be one.

The trip back home was short. . . it was still early so there was no heavy traffic. The skies were cloudy and dark and started raining halfway through the trip. How comforting. . . Albeit how annoying getting drenched by rainwater is, I still prefer rain over the intense summer heat.. . . getting soaked in sweat is not the best feeling . . .  


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