Saturday, June 16, 2012

In Focus: Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme

So here's my review for the 2nd installment of the movie 'KIMMY DORA'. . . now titled "KIMMY DORA AND THE TEMPLE OF KIYEME"

Saw it during its opening week. We weren't really planning on going to the theaters that day. It just came as a spur of the moment kind of thing when my Mom texted me and asked me if I wanted to watch a movie. And we were actually planning on seeing 'PROMETHEUS' but  ended up with Kimmy Dora instead, and I'm proud to say that I left that cinema a happy camper. Every penny I paid for the tickets were really worth it. 

I only got to see the first movie in DVD and seeing how much we've enjoyed it, I had hopes that the new installment would not disappoint. 

'KIMMY DORA and THE TEMPLE OF KIYEME'  is an upgraded version; more large scale compared to its predecessor; from the location shoots, the costumes and the storyline has touched several different genres. Whereas the first movie was more family oriented comedy, the temple of kiyeme, though still focused on family relations with a comedic flavor, has an added punch of mystery, action, drama, suspense and horror.

And I must say that I was really impressed by the CGI's that they've used. Another step up in what I've seen in local movies so far. There was this one scene, spoiler at this point, where their father was locked in the bedroom with Sang Kang Kang and the view zoomed out of the peephole, I literally had this 'WHOA!' moment. 

The story was well written, managing to integrate just the right amount of comedy, action and horror required for each scene. It was interwoven in such a way that the tone blended almost seamlessly. At one point you'd find yourself jumping when you get startled and laughing the heck out of you with the genius that is Eugene Domingo. 

No one could bring that much justice to the role Kimmy and Dora as much as Ms. Eugene Domingo had. There's just something in her that just connects with the characters and makes you believe. The way she delivered those lines, certainly had that needed impact. The same goes for the whole cast of the movie. Excellent.

Although Kimmy and Dora's characters are the obvious standouts, everyone definitely did a good job portraying their own specific characters. Based on what I have seen, they each gave pretty solid performances throughout the film.

There were a lot of new faces whose appearances in the movie I found really exciting and they certainly added a lot more character to the movie. I really liked Kiray's participation. I think that she has a good future as an actress especially in the field of comedy.

I am quite satisfied with the movie. My mom loved it as well but still preferred the first one over this. 

I heard the same sentiments from people pouring out of the cinemas when the movie ended. It was like 50/50 on which movie they liked better. The first or the second one. Personally, I liked the second one better. Maybe because I enjoy a good dose of suspense  and that is why KIMMY DORA and THE TEMPLE OF KIYEME held more appeal to me. 


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