Friday, February 22, 2013

Haul Friday: something Wax

Finally bought myself an electric burner. Yeah! High Five! Lol. . . . This one functions as a burner and lamp in one because the little holes on the body of the warmer allows the light from the bulb to peek out. It warms up pretty easily and functions well as an oil warmer. In just a matter of minutes you could already smell the fragrance wafting across the room. The design is simple and sleek, good for decorating. And I love the packaging it came in. The black box with the black bow looks sophisticated. Although I got this to serve as a tart warmer. It did melt a small portion I tested out from the batch I got alongside the burner, but the process was slow as a snail. I might come back to the store and purchase the other one available, and i'll see which one functions better.

Then I got two wax melts in Cafe Ole and Vanilla Zest. The coffee one is pungent in cold sniff but I had a hard time picking up the scent once I warmed it up. I dunno 'bout that. I haven't tried the vanilla but it smells really creamy. The votive I got is chocolate chip cookie. I have yet to try that one as well. Cold sniff, the smell ain't really strong I had to sniff it so close to my nose before I was able to pick up on the chocolate cookie scent.


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