Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bath and Body Works 1st 2013 Haul

Here's my new Bath and Body Works Haul. . . .

I know, I know. . . You may be raising your brows at this new loot, telling yourselves seriously another batch? Doesn't she have enough. Well, it would've been awesome if all of these are mine in the first place. This was ordered by someone else. I only placed the order and received them. The only things in here that are mine is a bottle of the WInter Candy Apple, which smells awesome by the way and a bottle of daisy dreamgirl. I originally was about to get either the Honey Sweetheart or the Berry Flirt since I don't like floral scents but surprisingly I preferred the Daisy Dreamgirl over the other two since the floral notes aren't so strong, and the dry down smells much better than the other two. But then that's just me.


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