Monday, April 22, 2013

MOA Big Summer Sale Loot

MUJI ------> Acrylic Drawer -------> Pay -------> Bat the hell out of the mall A.S.A.P.

I should have realized that this plan was a total bust from the very beginning anyway. . . I mean with the sale going on, it was like I was subduing myself under some immense torture of not taking a peak on other items or two. . . and I ended up with a few more items on my hands when I finally left the mall. . . 

But I think that with all those "% off" tags wagging around like giant neon signs in front of my face, I still did some pretty smart shopping.

Stepped inside Forever 21 even though I was steering myself clear from that store because I know that I'd be tempted by that itch to hoard things in there. 

True enough the accessories section almost blinded me into giving in. Like seriously. I looked at the array of choices hanging around and I had to walk around the store several times to try and stop myself from grabbing and tossing things in my basket. I limited myself to buying like 2 of each kind and that's it. No more. It should be more than enough.

I ended up buying 2 necklaces and 2 bracelets.The queue at the dressing rooms were crazy long so it was like a blessing in disguise and I did not end up purchasing anymore clothes.

Finally got my own MUJI Acrylic Drawer. I've seen a couple of youtubers using this same drawer and I finally checked it out. I know for a drawer this is on the pricey side. But the clutter in my drawers is in serious need of help. I don't want to buy one of those plastic drawers I usually see in the stores. I wanted something that is simple yet classy looking. 

The staff in their SM MOA branch are pretty nice and accommodating by the way. And I like how the drawers were packed with the foamy sheet thingy and not just stuffed inside the bag. 

One of my favorites in my loot is from EGG. What I like about their items is that the quality is good. It is made of durable material and is aesthetically pleasing. And look at that cute little bag charm. . .  the gift bag in itself is already a treat. . . it looks sassy. . .

I was looking for my current EDT but alas its OUT OF STOCK. . . seriously what is up with this. . . It's either the scents often go out of stock or the next thing I know the company just pulls them off the shelves and they go kapoof. . . discontinued. . . seriously. . . I mean seriously. . 

Anyway for the meantime I decided to just try a new scent, and thus I got this set. When I purchased the box set I didn't even realize that they weren't all EDT's. Bad shopping on my part. I should've checked first. As it turns out the set consists of a shimmer body spray, eau de toilette and hair mist (this one for me smelled the best among the other two). 


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