Saturday, April 13, 2013

TIP: Brush Organization

I've been having a hard time in keeping my things from getting cluttered and messy. I usually use the tall plastic tumblers in storing some of my hair brushes and the few make up brushes that I have (which are only 2 by the way). But since I have been in some major reorganizing spree I decided to toss them out and find something in solid colors.

These oval shaped acrylic glasses were in the bathroom accessories section and I bypassed that aisle a couple of times. There are four available colors. And sadly there's no purple. There was a blue one, but the remaining piece was a little banged up so I didn't get that one. I ended up getting these two. 

The height was actually perfect. My normally wobbling around hair brushes are finally in place, without the risk of toppling over. The wide base provides enough stability to support the weight of the brushes.

Then I also got these colored stones, which I think are actually used for indoor plant decors, to fill in the pink glass. I couldn't find the beads thingy that people use for the containers where they stick their make up brushes in. These stones are rough so the handles can get scratched. I might replace them later. But they're an okay enough sub for the moment. 

These bunch only cost me about 200 php ( around $4), which is pretty cheap.


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