Thursday, June 27, 2013

Shop. . . Shop . . . But when to stop?

I know how hard it is to resist the temptation of grabbing a bunch of things when you are in the mall. I've been in that situation too many a times and somehow I am able to cut down on the purchases with a few 'shopping guidelines' i've made for myself. Yes,yes I know. Why go to the mall when you'd be too bummed out when it comes to opening that wallet of yours. But the thing is putting things into consideration,and lets face it there are a lot of people out there who are impulsive buyers.

1. Get what you need first. Not what you want. Sometimes we get too carried away and we snatch things that looks like a definite eye candy for us and then when it's time to buy what you need, your money isn't enough to cover for your purchases or worse you don't have money left.

2. Know what you want to buy. Have a clear picture in your head what you're looking for. You'll save time and energy that way.

3. Set a limit and be firm about it. Like 'I'll purchase one of this and one of that and that's it"

4. Look around the mall for options. Don't grab and buy. Sometimes there is a wide array of things that you can choose from, perhaps better than the ones you've seen first. If that is not the case, and you've seen everything then go back and make that purchase. It's as simple as that right?

5. When you are itching to buy something, especially one that you don't really need at the moment, try walking around first. Shake off that urge to buy. And if at the end of it you still want to make the purchase then go. Give yourself lots of room to think about it first. Move away from the item that tempts you.

6. Consider the price. Perhaps you can find better choices for that. Don't buy things that's too way out of your budget. 

7. Buying things that are discounted doesn't make one cheap or stingy. It's wise spending.


8. My GOLDEN RULE, If you're going to a sale, it's best to keep out the credit cards. Better to have cash on the ready. That way you can control the spendings.

9. Sales could get really rowdy, and the lines at the dressing rooms very very long. If you could, then drop by the store ahead of the sale and scout the place. See things you'd like, try if it'd look good and know your size. Sometimes the discounts could start even before the actual dates advertised.

10. Get yourself updated if there are oncoming and ongoing sales


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